Rig, vessel and platform modifications

For Insiqt Energy, the smooth and effective mobilization, enhancement, and preparation of rigs within the field environment, away from conventional shipyards, demands meticulous planning and specialized expertise. With our seasoned team at Insiqt Energy, we bring forth a wealth of experience in offshore construction planning and interfacing. Leveraging our profound structural engineering acumen and operational proficiency, we offer a comprehensive single-source solution encompassing engineering, project management, offshore welding, and construction for modifications, interfacing, and repairs of MODUs, MOPUs, vessels, platforms, and FPSOs across offshore locations.

The modification of assets in the field holds significant benefits, both financially and operationally. Ensuring rigs are operationally primed and equipped with all necessary amenities minimizes operational downtime and optimizes project returns. With our expertise and track record, we ensure your rigs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Our profound understanding of rig capabilities, specifications, and past modification endeavors empowers us to meticulously plan, interface, and modify rigs according to your project's unique demands. Coupled with our extensive experience in offshore construction projects and robust structural and mechanical engineering capabilities, we adeptly adapt rigs to suit your operational needs.