Offshore production facilities and solutions

At Insiqt Energy, we tailor each offshore platform to precisely fit the requirements of every project and client.

Our commitment to pioneering offshore energy solutions has positioned us among the leading global providers of offshore energy engineering. Through innovative design, fabrication, and installation techniques, we collaborate with our international energy partners to prioritize safety, minimize platform intervention and maintenance costs, facilitate efficient installation, and align with the industry's decarbonization goals.

With specialized engineering knowledge and extensive practical experience in offshore production facilities, we adeptly address the unique challenges of each client's project. From initial concept design, analysis, and engineering to overseeing fabrication and installation, Insiqt Energy stands by our clients at every phase of development. We manage all external factors, including local logistics, supply chain, and infrastructure, to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.

Our in-house team of highly skilled offshore structural engineers leads technological innovations in sustainable platforms like the Sea Swift. Additionally, we offer cost-effective field development solutions such as mobile offshore production units, alongside advanced engineering and digital services.